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fusion metal working field trips

All of our metalworking field trips are designed for fifth and sixth grades.

Field trips require a group of 15 or more youth and one adult chaperone per 10 students. Chaperones receive free admission.

All field trips include project materials, facilitation and teacher resources for both pre- and post-visit experiences to connect with your art curriculum.


recycled can collage

Students work together to create a group collage using recycled aluminum cans and squares of plywood. This project challenges students to think collaboratively and explore a common material in a new context.

capacity: 25 students max:
time commitment: One-hour workshop:

metals texture exploration

Explore and achieve different textures on metal through techniques such as embossing, shape punching, rolling, hammering and using doming blocks to create curves and domes. Brainstorm ways to apply these techniques and make real items.

capacity: 25 kids per class, working in small groups:
project time commitment: one hour:

pewter casting

Explore the basics of small-scale casting in pewter as you learn about sculpture, metal heating and cooling and Pittsburgh’s history in metal production. Students can bring with small object to cast or choose from a small selection we provide.

capacity: 10 kids per class:
project time commitment: 45 mins:

Alexander Calder-inspired wire portraiture

This workshop serves as an entryway to both sculptural portraiture and the work of American artist Alexander Calder. Students work with wire and pliers to learn how transform lines in space, take a portrait from the page to 3D art and use sculpture and wire for self expression.

capacity: 25 kids per class:
project time commitment:: one hour:


  • $15 per student
  • Free for fifth-grade classes in the Pittsburgh Public School District


Metalworking field trips are provided for all fifth grade classes in the Pittsburgh Public School district through the generous support of the Arconic Foundation.