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fusion metalworking field trips


Fusion metalworking field trips are designed for grades five and up.

Available Tuesday-Thursday10:00 am – 1:30 pm (3.5 hours)February 6– June 7

All activities are guided and/or facilitated.

One chaperone is required per 10 students.

A 30-minute lunch in a reserved lunch space is included.

Students will be divided into groups to facilitate the metalworking activity and rotate to other activities, including Gymlacium and Chroma Maze, when not in the metalworking area.

All field trips include project materials, facilitation and teacher resources for both pre- and post-visit experiences to connect with your art curriculum.

fusion field trip options

recycled can collage
Students work with rivets, riveting tools, pliers, and jump rings to transform recycled soda cans into colorful sculptural works of art. This project challenges students to use a common material in a new context with new tools, and learn how the foundations of sculptural creation can be found in many types of materials.

balance challenge 
Students work in teams in this game-based session to create a balanced sculpture as they are guided through different modes of challenge and building. Learners take on project management roles within their teams and use building challenge cards, recycled and repurposed metal materials of all kinds, wire, pliers and cold connection-based joints as they race against the clock to make something truly one of a kind.

pewter casting
Students explore the basics of small-scale casting in pewter. This project allows for the exploration of sculptural practices, as well as an introduction to the heating and cooling properties of metal. Students can bring in small objects to cast, or choose from a selection that we provide.

cost & booking

$15 per student

Free for Title-1 schools

Free admission for chaperones up to required amount.

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You may also email to make a request. Additional field trip details will be provided after your request is processed.


Metalworking field trips are provided at no cost for Title 1 Schools through the generous support of Arconic Foundation.