A model for visionaries and creatives to explore and transform our campus into a dynamic incubator for innovative events and experiences


MuseumLab is seeking visionaries and creatives to apply for the first Experience Art Residency, a model for exploring and transforming MuseumLab into a dynamic incubator for innovative in person experiences.

The residency provides a ground for collaboration, experimentation and the evolution of unique ideas, fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals shaping the future of in person events. 

The resident will host an event of their own creation at Museumlab. 

the basics

Seeking applicants from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area who are able to travel to the MuseumLab campus twice a month. 

  • Age range: 18+
  • Residency Stipend: $4,000
  • Residency Length:  Five months
  • Event Budget: $2,000



The six-month residency program provides a structured framework to ensure that residents have the necessary support, resources and opportunities to develop their project and skills effectively. In addition to biweekly meetings, residents can request an additional hour of support time per month from the program supervisor. 

Residency Timeline

Month 1:  July 2024
  • Meeting #1 – In-person meeting
    Week of July 15 (1:00-4:00 pm) 
    Goal setting
  • Meeting #2 – In-person meeting
    Week of July 22
    (1:00-4:00 pm)
    Research and exploration
  • Event Shadow – In-person
    July 24
    (4:00 – 8:00 pm) 
    Research and exploration
Month 2: August 2024
  • Meeting #1 – In-person meeting
    Week of August 12 (1:00 –4:00 pm)

    Project development
    Mid-residency review
  • Meeting #2 – Virtual meeting
    Week of Aug 26 (Various Scheduled Zoom Meetings)
    Mentor check ins
Month 3: September 2024
  • Meeting #1 – In-person meeting
    Week of September 2 (1:00-4:00 pm)
    Work-in-progress showings
    Professional development
    Marketing and promotion
  • Meeting #2 – In person meeting
    September 11 (4:00 – 8:00 pm)
    Year in Art Event Help
Month 4: October 2024
  • Meeting #1 – In-person meeting
    Week of October 14 (1:00 – 4:00 pm)
    Project refinement
    Documentation and portfolio building
  • Meeting #2 – In-person meeting
    Week of October 21 (1:00 – 4:00 pm)
    Finalize event details and start event prep
Month 5: November 2024
  • Meeting #1 – In-person meeting
    Date chosen by the resident
    Event execution
  • Meeting #2 – Virtual meeting
    Date chosen by the resident
    Exit interviews

Residency Mentors

Follow the link below to meet the residency mentors.

Residency Mentor Bios


to apply

Interested applicants must complete the application below by June 24. There is no fee to apply.  

Apply here.

Selected artists will be notified by July 8.