chroma maze

explore an inflatable sculpture for kids of all ages

about the exhibit

Explore an immersive, inflatable experience that lets you interact with color in a fun and tactile way!

Walk into this large-scale sculpture and circle around a path bathed in color that blends into new shades at each turn. Find your way to the sculpture’s center where you can bounce, sit or lay back and enjoy the light filtering through its mosaic-like ceiling.

Chroma Maze is a shoes-off, socks-on environment for all ages. You can find it in MuseumLab, located next door to Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. MuseumLab is included with Children’s Museum admission.

Chroma Maze was created by art and design house Pneuhaus.

things to know

  • Chroma Maze is a confined space that requires moving along a fixed path to exit.
  • Shoes are NOT permitted.  Socks must be worn at all times.
  • The center space is an inflated surface that requires some climbing to enter and exit. You do not need to enter this space to experience Chroma Maze.
  • Running, flipping and rough play is not permitted anywhere inside the space.
  • Ten (10) people are permitted in Chroma Maze at a time. If the maze is at capacity, a 10-minute time limit per visit will be in place.