how you wear it

explore the connections between fashion, personal style and identity, and see the work of innovative artists, designers and makers from Pittsburgh and beyond

Group of childen and adults at a table sewing

about the exhibit

What’s your style? Are you edgy, elegant, sporty, classic? Or something entirely different? How does your clothing reflect your feelings and unique identity on any given day? It’s all in how you wear it!

This exhibit explores the connections between fashion, personal style and identity, and features innovative artists, designers, and makers from Pittsburgh and beyond. Communicate who you are to the world as you experiment with the tools, techniques, materials and tech of fashion to dream up something new.

Made possible with generous support from the American Eagle Outfitters Foundation


  • Futuristic dresses created by high-tech fashion designer and innovator Anouk Wipprecht. By merging technology with fashion, Anouk creates dresses that move, breath and react to the environment around them. Test them out for yourselves at our demo stations
  • Poster Child Style kiosk by artist Owen Lowery, where you can stylize your own photo with iconic styles such as boho, punk, Kawaii or glam
  • A varied collection of handmade garments and accessories created by emerging designers from Pittsburgh – from headpieces to jeans, bow ties to capes, dresses to jumpsuits – learn about what inspired their creations
  • A design studio for sketching your fashion ideas, from streetwear to the red carpet, or try our latest design challenge using real designer tools and techniques
  • eLOOMinate, a digital pattern maker created by artist Jordan Graves that lets you design your own knitted sweater
  • Accessories bar where you can grab a piece of fabric and practice your tying skills, experimenting with different knots, shapes of fabric and materials to see how you like to wear it best
  • Digital collection station perfect for curating your own collection of shoes. How will you organize items — by color, shape, style — the possibilities are endless
  • Big visual Rolodex with beautiful and inspiring photos featuring local designers, photographers, models, journalists and fashion bloggers
  • Digital pattern making station where you can design your own custom fabric pattern and experiment with surface design through repetition, tessellation and color